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House 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom 20106 ft2

This beach mansion is a 3-story family home that is equally qualified for companies wanting a permanent residence for employees visiting Panama or permanent owners wanting to rent 1 to four rooms while enjoying the privacy of the 2-story, 2-bedroom master suite.

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This beach mansion is a 3-story family home that is equally qualified for companies wanting a permanent residence for employees visiting Panama or permanent owners wanting to rent 1 to four rooms while enjoying the privacy of the 2-story, 2-bedroom master suite. Because of the paradise ambiance, and accommodating size of all individual areas, it is suitable for weddings and multi guest activities. This palace evoking structure is made with concrete blocks over retaining walls and concrete slats with a massive steel beam frame. The concrete floors are covered in imported Italian & Spanish porcelain tiles.

All roofs are finished with imported Spanish tiles and are designed with strong inclinations for visual grandeur, and superior drainage. The property is across the street from the beach, enjoying a direct entrance. This property includes transferable 20 year tax exemption. The luxurious circular concrete-road-brick covered driveway extends the entire length of the property. The dark grey bricks are placed in a pleasing undulating fashion with wide concrete drainage supports on either side that lead water to underground piping sufficient for heavy, prolonged rains. The driveway is wide enough for entertainment parking, with cars being able to pass by stationed cars and continue around the drive and exit. Two cars comfortably share ample space under the roofed-drive-entrance for entering the house without getting wet in a rain. The 4 space carport has connected roof access to the house and suites for rain free access. Three water tanks of 1,200 gals. each, have before and after filters providing 3,600 gals. of storage water for worry free living. Windows and exterior hinged & sliding doors are black aluminum with solar mirrored bronze glass. The open-ceiling, oval skylight of the vestibule is bronze safety glass.

The principal entrance door is a hand-crafted work of art. Wielded from metal and set with bronze mirrored glass, the handsome design includes large side pillars and a high arched top with shard accent mirrors as well as masculine, modern hardware all leading to a sense of opulence upon arrival to this homes entrance. The surrounding property walls are 10-12 ft. high according to area and have an imposing allure with exceptional front bracing pillars capped with large crowns of suitable design. These walls give a solid sense of privacy and provide another level of security while making a statement of grandeur. The electric front gate is equally suitable to the statement of the front walls and can be operated with remote controls and all telephones within the grounds, by code. Interior ceilings, six of which are exquisitely vaulted, including the oval and curved framing of the sky-light which extends over a large portion of the 2 story entrance vestibule ceiling, are hand-crafted sheet-rock. Exterior over-hangs are made of cement with rustic finishing for rain-durable, long-lasting, old-world beauty. The residence entrance vestibule, with 2-story ceiling, opens to a direct view of the pool area through a stunning 2-story arched window. In this vestibule begins the U-curved main staircase, a showpiece with polished stainless-steel railing that continues around the second story opening and outside to the 2nd story balcony for indoor-outdoor harmony, which is viewed from all areas of the vestibule, staircase and 2nd story indoor and outdoor balconies, giving an integrated indoor-outdoor feel. This vestibule makes for a large sitting room and mingling area for receiving guests when entertaining. At night stars are clearly visible through the over-the-top oval skylight.

The entrance vestibule is the center room of 3 connected rooms without wall separation, making up the 75 ft. long salon. However, large, wide, rustic, concrete-covered beams define a separation of the rooms, and support a same-sized dropped arc from the ceiling which further gives separation to the 3 sections. The salon parallels the pool area with ongoing views through double sliding glass doors. The west room of the salon is the game and television room, with sound system and controls for the salon, kitchen, bar, bohio and pool area. While the east room of the salon is an area of tables for relaxation, conversation and card game playing that is converted into a formal dining room at need. The social area is covered in large rectangle, non-slip Italian imported tiles that extend into the open bar, rounded pool bathroom with shower, and rinsing area with 4 showers.

When returning from the beach there is a side entrance leading directly to the showers for rinsing sand before entering the pool. The large 6ft. deep pool includes wrap-around underwater seating in a circular fashion that accommodates approx. 20 persons allowing everyone to relax at once while facing each other for conversation and enjoyment. Joined with the rounded pool is a large mirror pool that is equally suitable for childrens play, 2 & a half ft. deep. Dividing the pools is a walkway of tile covered steps protruding from the water for convenient crossing with under water steps on either side for seating. The pool is finished with Diamond Brite in 2 shades of blue that colors all horizontal areas in cobalt and vertical areas in a lighter cool blue. With underwater lighting, this pool is a radiant bi-colored blue day or night. The pool staircase is a stunning spiral inside the pool which lends access to the 2nd story balcony and main level as well as continuing to the pool floor. The pool pump room is ample for storage of cleaning products and tools, accessed outside the social area it does not distract from the visual setting. The social area also boasts a long exotic bohio with lights, speakers and fans, stationed half over the pool spanning along the deep and shallow areas giving partial shade to both for extended enjoyment out of the sun. The four large round columns of the bohio are covered in miniature porcelain cobalt tiles.

A huge circular planter is central to the area and is designed for sitting with a backdrop of a large royal palm tree surrounded by flashy red palms. In-between the 2 suites and aligning the social area is a large green area of 9 royal palms in rows of three lending a plantation feel. The bohio roof is covered in Spanish tile. The U-shaped bar comes with a large double sink, large insulated ice box and is topped in porcelain cobalt tiles with delicate PVC mosaic in marine blue covering the sides. With a wide-beamed, decorative pergola – spotlights in every intersection, a make-shift roof is created at the 1st story level above the bar while the actual roof is a vaulted 2nd story attraction with extended separate side-flap roofs at an alternate inclination. Made for comfort and design with a contrasting rounded bathroom across the space, this bar will never be stuffy or lacking for fresh air.

Partial rock-covered walls that extend into the bathroom add to this visual feast. The chefs kitchen contains a granite-covered breakfast bar seating 5 persons, breakfast dining area for a large table seating 10, floor to ceiling windows facing the pool and a porcelain tile covered wall, porcelain tiled floor, 4×10 ft. granite-covered island, kitchen cupboard-furniture custom made in Argentina with stainless steel back splash, two large double sinks – each with food disposals, 2 extra-large refrigerators with freezers, 2 electric convection ovens, gas stove with hood ventilation, 2 bread warming drawers, dishwasher, ice-maker, microwave, all Kitchenaid appliances, 2 integrated waste bins, 5 Tiffany lamps, thirteen 8 inch spot-lights, 6 Hunter ceiling fans, area suitable Carrier air conditioner, large kitchen pantry with bolt lock, service entrance, bar entrance, formal-dining-room entrance with bronze mirrored glass door, pool area entrance, immediate laundry access. The master-suite, is a split-level, 2-story home within a home with private staircase, master-size walk-in closet, Italian porcelain-tile covered bath with marble covered vanity, 2 person jacuzzi-bathtub, large – clear-glass-plated shower, and top of the line Delta fixtures. Both levels have ocean views that can be further enjoyed from this suites equally-large 3rd story private-terrace. The 1st level has immediate roofed-balcony access which extends the entire length of the house with a special extending un-roofed area of balcony for sun-tanning. The balcony accesses pool stairs that lead directly into the pool.

Also there are entrances to the other two 2nd story bedrooms from the balcony, enhancing the community feeling. Hanging lamps in both rooms are individual but of a matching line that is also used in the bathroom for a feel of studied elegance; made of modern stressed metals and glass. Both rooms have high vaulted ceilings with 2 fans each, aligned 4 in. spot-lights, and area-suitable Carrier split air conditioners. There is a private sound system with this suite that has speakers in all areas of the suite, including the bathroom and walk-in closet. The two 2nd story bedrooms and two ground level suites all face the pool – providing a community feel with no one excluded from the excitement. The 2 guest suites are connected by the social area and have covered connecting walkways and are perfect for in-law privacy or renting. All 4 rooms have large closets and bathrooms with solid-plate clear glass showers, marble covered vanities, high-end metal and glass lamps, aligned 4 in. spot-lights, 2 Hunter fans and Carrier split air conditioners. The two suites and one 2nd story bedroom have unique vaulted ceilings.
The other 2nd story bedroom without vaulted ceiling is 9 & a half ft. high. Seven closets/deposits, including linen closet and pantry are custom made in Argentina and laminated with wenge wood design finish for a modern look and easy maintenance. The 2 employee, employee-house is a 2-bedroom, 2-story building with terrace and 2nd story balcony, all made from the same quality materials as the main structure, including steel beam framing. Each bedroom has immediate balcony access and a private bathroom for a quality of living that is suitable to higher-standard employees. The down stairs kitchen and social area is large and covers all house needs. There is a private laundry within the frame of the house, accessed outside. The location of this house and its 2nd story balcony, provides a security-watchman-tower for the property. With the balcony over-looking the main road, employees can clearly see all areas leading to and from the entrance gate, thus allowing them to make clear judgments as to who is allowed entrance to the property. This porcelain tiled house is suitable for guests and family as well as renting.

Also included are 2 large storage rooms for outdoor machines etc., a large 2nd story linen closet and a large 2nd story storage closet. The grounds include 60 strategically planted royal palm trees that stand 15+ ft. for a tropical plantation/resort feel. There is a 1st and 2nd floor cleaning service room as well as a cleaning service area in the laundry, all with water basin access. Includes alarm system.


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